Sunday, April 4, 2010

New Kitty

Here is my new kitty. His name is Sneakers and he super duper cute. He was adopted from a cat shelter called Katie's Place in Maple Ridge, BC. He seemed like a big slug who just layed around. That was alright with me. However, after a few days, he became very playful and inquisitive. He loves to chase after his toys as he pushes them down the stairs. He also waits around corners and when I walk by, he lunges at me with a mighty "meow" which startles me and then makes me laugh. He does this several times a day to me, however, he won't do this in front of anyone else. I have no proof.

1 comment:

  1. Obviously you need to install surveillance cameras in key areas of your house, to catch the adorable antics of your treasured pet. Such a cute furry guy. Have you had to "up" your frequency of vacuuming since adopting a longhair kitty, or do you just wade through the fur bunnies as I do?