Sunday, June 21, 2009

Tangled in door at mall

I decided to venture to the mall again, hoping I don't see the lady with the cart again. As I was walking towards a side door of the mall, there was a little old man who got his right coat sleeve caught in the left door handle. He almost appeared like he was in a straightjacket because his left side was pressing into the door and his left arm was not visible. He was struggling to break free. It was just not working for him. I came up behind him and thought to myself how on earth could have done this. I gently pushed him more into the door so that his right sleeve was more slack and peeled it off the door handle. His right arm became free and he was able to untangle himself from his predicament. He was very grateful for my help. He called me Wonder Woman and wanted to buy me a coffee. I kindly declined his generous offer, yet creepy offer and just ran into the mall. Mental note...stay away from the mall.

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