Friday, July 3, 2009

Alien Hat

It was time for my monthly visit to my hairdresser. Unfortunately, I began greying quite early in my life so I have had to have my roots dyed every month for many years. My hairdresser is wonderful. She knows exactly how to do the colour so I don't have weird stripes down my hair. Anyhow during one of my visits, my hairdresser had applied haircolour only to my roots and put my head under one of those big dome heaters. She says the heat sets the colour very well. The remainder of my hair is dry because the colour is combed through later on in the process. As I sit there with the heater over my head, with my hair protruding from my head because only the roots have the colour, a little boy, no older than three, stands in front of me and stares. I am reading my magazine trying to ignore the little guy. I'm in no mood to be social when I'm inhaling haircolour fumes, feeling a burning sensation on my scalp and unfortunate enough to pay quite a bit of money for this experience. The little boy's mother takes his hand and says it is time to go. He starts yelling "I WANT TO WEAR AN ALIEN HAT TOO!!!". This behaviour continues for several minutes, which feels like several hours. The other customers look at him, look at me and begin giggling. I pretend to ignore the whole chaotic situation. Finally, the mother drags the little boy out of the salon as he continues to scream about my alien hat. Guess what, too can wear the alien hat, $110 will give you this privilege.

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