Wednesday, June 10, 2009

My Pinky Problem

I have been having computer problems over the last couple of months. I should have listened to Gailishus and KayDee who said "just buy a new one". Well, I just loved my ol' reliable Toshiba laptop. It was great. I had that thing for about 4 years. It was heavier than my car, but worked like a charm. Anyways, one day when my system froze, I decided to just turn it off. Bad decision. It actually corrupted one of the system files and the computer would not boot back up again. I went to my friendly computer guy to fix it. He said it was unfixable. I said "Oh no!!". I have pics on there that I have been planning to upload to my papercraft site but just have not had the chance to do it yet.
Anyways, the guy was able to save my pics onto an external hard drive. Have I tried to retrieve the pics yet...nooooo, I'm too afraid it won't work.
As per my charming and delightful friends, named above, I went to BB to buy another laptop. I found another Toshiba that was silver and very blingy. It also had alot of guts, 4 gigs of this and 4 ram of that...anyhoo, it was pretty and I liked it.
Well, I get the pretty laptop home, install Microsoft Office which I purchased at the same time, and bingo - I was connected. I am writing emails to my pals telling them the news and catching up on my 300 emails that I had not received for a month due to not having a computer. I attempted to use the library computers but the hygiene aspect of using a computer touched by numerous strangers, really did not appeal to me and made me feel icky...however I digress.
As I am typing, I am happy as a clam and then it dawns on me. MY PINKY CANT REACH THE ENTER KEY. I keep hitting the backslash key. Huh? What on earth is this? Was there in-breeding in my genetics that caused the only part of my body to be exceptionally small? I dig for the old laptop that has been tossed aside into the garage and check out the keyboard. The backslash key on the old laptop is higher up on the keyboard. Ugh! How dumb! I was foaming at the mouth like a rabid dog!
I packed the whole thing up, drove to BB, as soon as it opened in the next morning. I showed the customer service rep at the return counter. Her pinky couldn't reach the enter key either. She was shocked. She called over a customer service guy and he was fine. She shooed him away and called another female employee who's pinky also could not reach the enter key. "Son of a Gun" she exclaimed. She had no problem giving me my money back. Most of the laptops at BB had this dumb keyboard configuration. I had to drive over to FS and found an HP that had a normal keyboard. They too had non-female-pinky-friendly keyboards. I couldn't be choosy at this point. I spoke to the manager of FS and he said he will be discussing this issue at the next meeting. I have a feeling this subject may be filed under "g" in the circular file. However, I don't care. I am connected and was able to start this fun little blog.

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