Sunday, June 14, 2009

Stepping on a Strawberry

On my weekly visit to the grocery store today, I'm strolling down the frozen food isle checking out the frozen orange juice when suddenly I hear a "squish". I look down and I had just stepped on a big fresh strawberry. It made a huge splotch on the floor. In fact, it squirted back onto the arch of my foot, through my sandal. What the *bleep*? This thing was the size of a golf ball. How can an innocent little strawberry make such a huge mess.
I looked around in a faux-innocent manner, just to catch the look of a teenaged employee of the store who had seen the full spectacle of my actions. Rats! I turn to him and said "oh sorry, I had never seen the strawberry". He just rolled his eyes and called on his walkie-talkie for a "wet clean up on aisle 3". How embarrassing. Mr. Wet Clean Up must have just mopped up some spilled pudding from aisle 4 because he was at my side in a flash. I didn't know what I should have done at that moment. Quoting from The Clash, "should I stay or should go". I'm not sure about wet clean up etiquette. Anyways, I apologized again. Mr. Wet Clean Up then asked me if I wanted a towel to clean my foot. I declined his offer, apologized again and then ran off. How super embarrassing. Now I'm going to have to find another grocery store to visit.

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  1. HAHAHAHA...only you would write an entire blog about stepping on a Safeway strawberry. You're such a riot. If you ever give up on your bankruptcy job, I think you should try comedy. I'd clap.